Foreign Remittance

HAD INVESTMENT is also providing remittance services which is one of the safest and easiest ways to send out money to any beneficiary account in the world. Our available remittance services includes:

  • Foreign Demand Draft
    A foreign currency draft drawn on another Bank requesting the latter to pay the beneficiary in overseas.
  • Foreign Telegraphic Transfer
    A safe and fast mean of sending funds to beneficiary’s bank account in overseas/ receiving funds from overseas in your bank account.
  • Western Union Money Transfer
    A fast way to send and receive money worldwide at any HAD INVESTMENT. Simply instruct your bank to send money to our local account with correspondent bank and beneficiary details. After you place funds transfer request with your local bank, it takes 24-28 banking hours for the money to reach our account held with our correspondent bank. You also can initiate wiro transfer with correspondent bank detail on the below link.