Land Bank

HAD INVESTMENT is a pioneered firm in Laos which launched website for real estate search and information providing. We have served and built strong relationship with landlords. We also set a unique practice of real estate services which provide remarkable trust from all kind of customers- local and foreign investors.

The advice given by the staff will always be honest and practical with a wealth of experience gained over many years, qualifications and an abundance of local knowledge, clients feel safe in the hands of HAD INVESTMENT. In regards of selling, buying or renting as a landlord or tenant, HAD INVESTMENT will always provide the best service, concern and consideration to our customers.

Land banking is the practice of aggregating parcels of land for future sale or development. Most land banking is based on the prospect of urban areas expanding at the expense of rural areas, in various parts of the world agricultural land is expanding at the expense of virgin land that we have in Laos. The purchase of virgin land that has been identified as suitable for agriculture because of its climate, topography and soil properties.

Such lands are often rather far away from existing infrastructure when purchased by the land banking investor, therefore prices being low. Investors can anticipate that of the area's natural productive potential, an agricultural infrastructure (sufficient roads, specialised contractors, grain storages) will develop, with more land put under cultivation therefore land values multiplying.